Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mt. Diablo School District Bond Spending Questioned News Article

Check out this news article feature one of our Board Members on the Local News section of the Bay Area News Group:

Mt. Diablo School District Bond Spending Questioned

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  1. Mrs Minyen's experience reminds me of my own with my district, the WCCUSD. When you request information and encounter hurdles, then it is time to look closer.

    For example, when I request to see the job descriptions of all district staff and are told they are not up-to-date, that they are ancient, I become concerned. How are they advertising the job positions? Two performance audits have cited this deficiency, yet they still have not addressed it?

    Incomplete SARC reports are a red flag. How come the district does not want me to know how many of our teachers are non-credentialed. Why are the SARCs incomplete? These are documents legally required for purpose of accountability and the WCCUSD appears to be thumbing their noses at the mechanism of accountability.

    School districts should be accredited, just like the schools. Then this nonsense will stop.